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DoA Anniversary 2018 Photography Contest

I managed to take part in the DoA Anniversary Bare Minium Contest - see here. I really liked the theme and I immediately got an inspiration what I could do. Of course I did not win, but that is fine since I had a lot of fun shooting and editing. Main Rule Any doll shown… Continue reading DoA Anniversary 2018 Photography Contest

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Plotober #3: Preparation, Storyline and OMG!! (-5 Days)

no no no no no .... Only 5 days left xD help I failed the last days a lot in preparing my plot. I sometimes think ether I am too stupid or too stressed - I hope it is the last one. Work was hard again. After a troublesome year, with lots of new colleagues… Continue reading Plotober #3: Preparation, Storyline and OMG!! (-5 Days)

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Fandom #2: Harry Potter LootCrate Box

Originally this blog was called the last HP Box...but I am weak... but I ordered another round... so 3 more to come! And of course I will show this box and the next ones. I don't have a blog about box #1, butย here is box #2 What was inside this time?? Shirt Bookends Pen -… Continue reading Fandom #2: Harry Potter LootCrate Box