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Boxopening #11: Souldoll Ghana Spider Queen

Hello Dear friends, long time no talk :3 I am happy to say that I am back and I feel new energy, ideas and motivation. But I will talk about everything I want to change, how I want to change, in the next post eventually next week. But to get back into my blog and… Continue reading Boxopening #11: Souldoll Ghana Spider Queen

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Boxopening #10: Withdoll Male MSD Body + Video

This was exhausting... I bought a MSD male body from Withdoll a little bit more than 2 month ago. Everything went smoothly, the waiting time was like on the homepage and the shipping was fast. Also they tucked the bill on the package, so my tax service was able to do their maths and he… Continue reading Boxopening #10: Withdoll Male MSD Body + Video