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Miss Sassy and Miss Swag

I love these two... I did a little photo shooting with Marie and Nettie - those two are so fun to shoot. You place them and they look just... sassy and with such swag a and character. I am really happy to kind of have finished dolls here - that makes me feel a little… Continue reading Miss Sassy and Miss Swag

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Doll Commission #2: Rosamonds Clothes

Hello again 🙂 This is already some time ago (May 2018), since I made this little commission for Borbs aka Roterwolkenvogl. She bought an antique doll clothes set for her character Rosamond. She is on a SummbirdBJD Viola Body, the same as Nettie  but in light skin and the clothes needed some alteration. So she asked… Continue reading Doll Commission #2: Rosamonds Clothes

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Hobby Talk #8: Body & Booty

Hello Hello 🙂 In the last weeks I bought some new Dolls - not some - two to be exact. Maybe you know, I have a beautiful Miracle Doll Head laying around AND I have character I really want to shell. But more details here: 1) Aeshma Aeshma is right now my Miracle Doll Head Baiye and… Continue reading Hobby Talk #8: Body & Booty