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Pro Artist – No To Recasts – A Statement

Hello dear Friends, I never stated any kind of political statement here, about anything. But the last events made me think about my own opinion and my "neutrality" I hid behind. If you wonder, where this thought or post is coming from, I would recommend to read Musumes blog first and also Puffypuffer on IG. Basically the… Continue reading Pro Artist – No To Recasts – A Statement

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Hobby Talk #12: Doll Updates

What is happening right now??? I am confused about everything I got or wait on - since I thought I will go easy this year... I MADE PLANS!! And now I do everything else except my plans!... I thought it is time to do some hobby talk with you guys! I will split this in… Continue reading Hobby Talk #12: Doll Updates

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10 Minute Stories #2: The Oger

The Oger stared at him, glowing yellow eyes and long, bloody teeth. Both were pointing directly at him and he slightly tensed his arms. In his head he was ready to blow the magic against this monster. The Oger began to run and got faster in the direction of SilentDeath. SilentDeath raised his right hand… Continue reading 10 Minute Stories #2: The Oger