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Hobby Talk #13: Skater-Chick And Rollergirl

I bought something... three things to be exact :3 OLD SCHOOL ROLLER SKATES!! I am so happy with them - they are so darn cute and fun to play with!! I bought them at SK Dollhouse on etsy - one for Azone and two for Yosd. Let's see how they look like: AZONE They came… Continue reading Hobby Talk #13: Skater-Chick And Rollergirl

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OC Design #20: Marielle Verbeek – Part 2

Hello Hello Hello 🙂 I already showed you Maries new body blushing here, but like I said the face up turned out awful. So I had to redo it again. Yesterday was a little get together with some local BJD friends, so I decided to do Maries and Izel new face. Izel is currently with… Continue reading OC Design #20: Marielle Verbeek – Part 2

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OC Design #19: Marielle Verbeek – Part 1

Hello dear friends, I stated in my last post, that my dolls are almost all currently packed away. I decided to focus on each one of them and see if I want to keep her/ him. Whom I did not pack away was my new Souldoll Gana, I am really inspired of her and of… Continue reading OC Design #19: Marielle Verbeek – Part 1

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Boxopening #11: Souldoll Ghana Spider Queen

Hello Dear friends, long time no talk :3 I am happy to say that I am back and I feel new energy, ideas and motivation. But I will talk about everything I want to change, how I want to change, in the next post eventually next week. But to get back into my blog and… Continue reading Boxopening #11: Souldoll Ghana Spider Queen

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Hobby Talk #12: Doll Updates

What is happening right now??? I am confused about everything I got or wait on - since I thought I will go easy this year... I MADE PLANS!! And now I do everything else except my plans!... I thought it is time to do some hobby talk with you guys! I will split this in… Continue reading Hobby Talk #12: Doll Updates